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Chasing Deer Hands On Vinyl Record
Chasing Deer Hands On Vinyl Record Artwork
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Hands On Vinyl

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Hands On - the debut album from Chasing Deer, featuring favourites 'Placebo', 'Out Of Time' and 'Another World' on vinyl record.

Hands On Tracklisting:
1. Another World
2. Miracle
3. Silence Hurts
4. Calling For You
5. Perfect Storm
6. Colour My World
7. Take Me Up A Level
8. Against The Night
9. Placebo
10. Don't Be So Surprised
11. Out Of Time
12. Lead The Way


Hands On is a representation of Chasing Deer at a specific moment in time, both as people, and a group of musicians who are passionate about creating music. We hope it will give an insight into what Chasing Deer is about and the direction we are heading in for the future.

The debut album brings together remastered versions of every single released throughout 2018 (with a few special extras), and for the first time on Vinyl, a medium very close to our hearts!

The title of each single is portrayed in British Sign Language. This continues to the album artwork, with crossed fingers in a universal sign of hope and luck.

  • The vinyl album is sold shrink wrapped and in vinyl postage protective packaging.


Released 2018

Recorded at Animal Farm Studios, The Amsterdam Recording Company, Prism Studios and W5 Records
Produced by Jamie Dodd, Igor Wouters, Stuart Epps and Peter Hyams